Immersion @ TAAL

 I just want to share my experiences on our immersion , Even if the schedule of our immersion were reschedule because of heavy rains it’s still fine because i don’t want anyone of us get sick and its the best for us to not continue our immersion that day.First of all when our immersion began, I enjoyed it because all of my classmates where there.the first historical place we visited was the old ruins of Taal or St. Basilica and behind of it,you will find the Taal Lake.Next was the store of Balisong by Ona.there i see and find how to make a balisong or butterfly knife and making one of it is not a joke because of the process of finishing it.Marcela Agoncillo house came third and i find there that Marcella is the one who sewed our Philippine flag and you will still find there their old and historical thing inside their house as well as the Apacible’s house. We still had much places we had visited but this places where very memorable for me so this will only the one i want to discuss but it didn’t mean i din not enjoy the others. Someday,when i grew up older i will come and visit it again with my friends and even with my family.

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